Peak Volleyball Camps

Camp Director Mike Welch has been a proud member of the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) since 1990.



It is always great to hear from past participants.  Send us comments about your camp experience.  We also want to hear about your post-camp success with your team!





Over 10,000 players and coaches from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska down to the US Virgin Islands have been a great part of sharing amazing volleyball experiences with us through Peak Volleyball (originally VBcamps), Team Retreat Camp, and Travel Camp experiences since 1990.


Written comments about Peak Volleyball Camps the Team Retreat Camps:


"Our memories from that camp are something that we all still cherish to this day and that season really changed our program. That was the first time in school history that our vball team had had a .500 season that by the end turned into the season with the most wins (only to be surpassed this season with only 11 losses.) We won our district and took the schools first ever trip to the regional tournament. Which around here is pretty tough going against some of the top schools in Tennessee. Traditions were started at ur camp and mindsets changed forever as to how good we could be as a program. Still to this day we get those cards out and throw em on the ground when days get tough and sometimes when we are rolling really well. So thanks for everything. I know u guys don't hear this nearly enough. But thank you for taking the time to be a part of so many kids lives and having an impact on them whether it's immediate or not realized until later on. A true blessing to every kid who's walked through the doors of one of ur camps. Including me, I came in summer of 2001 and have been coaching ever since I graduated in 2002. I still use things to do with teamwork I learned at your camp. Granted some have had to be tweaked over the years but true teamwork never changes so thank you for being an inspiration to me.

~ Dallas from Tennessee


"We just wanted to thank you for the opportunities you have offered our kids to advance their game.  Both kids were excited last night, and today, usually I have to pry the info out of them on what they did that day, but today we could not get Taylor to stop talking for 10 minutes and Jordan kept us occupied for almost 45 minutes.  Both of them are pumped up.  Awesome job."

~ Greg, parent


"Hey Coach Mike, I just wanted to thank you for the skills you taught me this summer. Tryouts for my club (club name) where last Sunday and Saturday, and I made the second to top team which travels nationally. The three Peak Volleyball camps were the only camps I attended prior to tryouts, and they really prepared me for the drills that we had to do. If I hadn't gone to the camps, I know tryouts would have gone much differently, so thank you for offering these camps; they helped a lot. See you next summer! Thanks again.

~ Caroline, parent


"First of all, let me say how much I enjoyed the camp and that it was exactly what I wanted for my team. You are one of the most dynamic coaches I've had the pleasure of being acquainted with and I know that this will be our first step toward a State Title."


The kids were wanting me to send you an e-mail and let you know that we are playing in the substate game Thursday at home. We won the Regional title for the first time in school history and are 55-9 going into Thursday... The kids wanted to say thanks for this summer, they had a blast and learned alot.

~ Ryan Roberson, Brooks High School (AL)


Thanks so very much for the wonderful volleyball experience Meagan had this summer in Eagle Idaho. She came away feeling very successful and having advanced her skills. I appreciate the positive atmosphere you coach through.

~ Suanne, parent


 I am writing to you because Morgan calls me three times a day telling me about camp!  She is having soooooo much fun!  She gives me details of what she is learning and that her hitting "something clicked" and now her timing is better.  ... Thank you for an amazing camp experience for Morgan!  Thank you for helping all of the athletes' lives you touch!

~ Jody, parent


Thank you and your girls for the amazing experience she had at camp and the boost of confidence you gave her! She will be at your camp every year...

~ Holly, parent


It was great to see so much talent and girls from all over.  We also had a great time in Jackson, going to a Chuckwagon one night and seeing the local sites the rest of the time. ~ Kim, parent

I just wanted to let you know how much my girls enjoyed your camp. We have never been to a team "Retreat" camp, but have been to many volleyball camps. This was their very favorite. Your staff really exemplified what you were trying to get across to the young ladies, as far as encouragement, team building, communication etc. My team definitely benefited. Thanks for such a good experience. ~ Laura Duncan, St. John Lutheran (FL)


Just wanted to let you know the girls did great. We ended 22-16 and we made it to the State Semifinals where we lost in a 5 game thriller.  Just wanted to thank you (Mika) and Mike for the summer. Ya'll helped us reach our goal this year!! See you this summer.

~ Erin Fabre, Catholic HS (LA)


This camp is a truly one of a kind.  It’s a camp that goes where no other camp does by really focusing in on the girls and addressing the team aspects.

~ Susan Zellner, Clinton HS (TN)


A really inspirational camp experience for our team.

~ Clay Taylor, Harrison HS (GA)


I think the camp has it down great.  They know how to build the teams physically and mentally.

~ Lauren Bougeau, St. Thomas Aquinas (LA)


(The) Team Retreat Camp was amazing for our team.  We became closer as a family and set goals for this season.  We improved our skills some and have the encouragement to reach our goals.

~ Corie Fisher, Bartow HS (FL)


Camp was great!  The players loved it.  We’ll be back.

~ Ethel Jones, East Hill Christian (FL)


I liked that it was unlike any volleyball camp I’d ever been to.  We didn’t just work on skills, we also got a chance to share hopes and goals with our teammates that they might not have known otherwise.

~ Abbey Peppers, Harrison HS (GA)


I love the team building aspect of the camp.  We always come together at this camp.  My team loves the 2 tournaments because the competition is so great.

~ Erin Fabre, Catholic HS (LA)


"...the coaches are phenomenal."


"I feel that it (the camp) will be memories that will last throughout the year."


"Everything was put together great.  You never lost the girls interest.  The coaching staff was good, very motivating to my team."


"I like the way things are always a little different every year, but the emphasis of 'team' is always first."


"Team atmosphere, team concept, Team...Team...Team.  Instruction was excellent.  Camp staff is diverse and challenged players individually to strive for excellence for the benefit of the TEAM!"


"It was an amazing trip.  It helped my whole team become even closer than we were."


"We learned things about each other that will help us communicate and understand one another better on the court.  I liked all the different activities because in the end, it all comes together."


"You really showed me what a good team should be!"


"I believe this camp was the best thing in the world for this team. I noticed a different team then the one that arrived here on Friday. Thank you!"


"I would just like to say thank you for all that you did to me while I was attending your camp at ISU. I can honestly say that I have NEVER been to a better camp in all the years that I have been playing (Since 4th grade).

...I would also like to thank Becky personally. You were so inspiring to me. You never gave up on me, and that sets you apart from the other coaches that I've had in the past."


"This was a great experience for our team, and I think it will help our team take their game to the next level."


"I feel, and my team agrees with me, that your camp has helped us so much.  You have helped us to reach our goal, and we are very greatful. Thank you so much!!"


"I think that Mike and all coaches have and share great philosophies."


"The ropes course was awesome!!  This is exactly what we need.  Our court coach was superior - she taught ALL of us a great deal.  We want (our court coach) again next year!"


"They (court coaches) did an awesome job! If you can, please tell Jennie, which was our teams coach, that we appreciate everything she did for us and we miss her! I am going to be a senior next year, so I won't be back next summer, so I just wanted to tell her thank you again. She was so awesome! We'll the experiences I had at camp were ones that I will never forget. Thanks for the great memories."


"I absolutely enjoyed it.  It was great for me because it gave me some great new ideas...and showed my players what it means to be a team.  ... I can't wait for next year!!!  Thanks for the hard work."


"Good job with team building activities.  Quality instruction from court coaches.  Great positive atmosphere!!!"


"The atmosphere and organization was great!  Our 'team coach'  was outstanding and helped my team tremendously.  Staff was great...#1."


"Excellent court coach...enthusiastic and knowledgeable."


"Good teamwork activities.  Staff very encouraging and enthusiastic.  Ropes course!  My kids had loads of fun and played more as a team."


"Team building activities were fun and helped us realize how much we depend on each other.  Beach tourney was fun!  Great staff...very helpful and nice."


"I liked Mike's inspirational talks."


"The most enjoyable part about the camp was the emphasis on team to come together and defeat all odds!"


"Staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the camp.  It was a great experience for the girls."


"Thank you guys so much. You guys made our team a lot better....mentaly...physically...and even spiritually. our Court Coach was Pete. Tell him thanks for explaining everything to us and that we all loved him. I look forward to seeing you guys next summer. Thank you again!!!!"


"Liked the socials every night (luau, DJ party and more)."


"The camp had a good balance of team building and skill work."


"I loved the variety of activities.  My team is very young, and they needed the positive enforcement activities."


"I cannot begin to tell you how much we all enjoyed your camp. Not one day goes by that I do not hear one of my players talking about something they did at camp. They had a wonderful time. They really enjoyed the game that Kim taught them."


"We loved everything about the camp and we look forward to next year. So, please send the information as soon as possible."


"Just wanted to give you a big thanks for the instructional camp you had. I know Anita really enjoyed the camp. She got more out of your camp than all the camps she has been to in the past three years."


"Thank you for all the help and encouragement in July."


"After the team session, they really got into it."


"The turning point for South came when it attended a University of North Florida (Team Retreat) camp this summer. The Comets played a number of talented teams at the camp and learned plenty about what it would take to improve this season."