Beach Volleyball rules. Describes how are they different from indoor volleyball.
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Differences from Indoor Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Rules Differences from Indoor Volleyball


  • Court size is 1 meter shorter in both length and width on each side. This means the serving length is 2m shorter than the indoor court. Beach court is 8m by 16m (8m square on each side). Indoor court is 9m x 18m (9m square on each side).
  • Ball inflated to 2.5-3.2 lb/sq in (indoor 4.26-4.61 lb/sq in)
  • Sets to 21 points switching sides every 7 points; 3rd set to 15 points switching sides every 5 points. Individual tournaments may adjust set and match length.
  • One 30 second time out per team per set. 1 minute between sets.
  • Teams of 2 players. No rotation/position order, nor front row/back row. Teams continue same serving order.
  • 1 serve attempt in 5 seconds (toss and drop counts as your attempt)
  • First contact:
    • No overhead finger action on serve receive, called tight on any other first ball over net not hard driven
    • Overhead finger action (like setting) on first contact only on hard driven attacks only, must not be lift
    • Multiple contact on any first ball over is allowed
    • 2 players simultaneously contact ball counts as 2 hits
  • No open hand tips when attacking
  • Players can go under net if you do not interfere with play. Players can touch net or post outside antenna.
  • Coaches during the match may give instruction only during time-outs, court switches and between sets

What a great way to spend the summer. Our beach volleyball camps are a summer experience every volleyball player will want to have. With a super fun atmosphere, we offer lots of skills, game scenarios, and competitions. The beach game teaches great ball control skills, movement, covering the court, game instincts, strategy and it is just really fun. Each camp ends with a fun beach volleyball tournament.


Beach Volleyball Camp Schedule


Monterey CA Beach Volleyball Camp

El Estero Beach, Monterey, CA

June 24-26, 2016


Donner Lake Beach Volleyball Camp

West End Beach, Truckee, California

July 11-13, 2016

 Lake front Beach (sand) and grass volleyball courts


Zephyr Cove Beach Volleyball Camp

Zephyr Cove, Nevada at South Lake Tahoe

July 25-27, 2016

Lake front beach (sand) volleyball courts