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Be your Personal Best


by VBcamps

Florida Team Retreat Volleyball Camp for high school volleyball teams Lake Tahoe Volleyball Camp. Become your personal best. Boise Volleyball Camp. Become your personal best. Wood River - Sun Valley Idaho Volleyball Camp. Become your personal best. Donner Lake Beach Volleyball Camp. Become your personal best. Zephyr Cove Beach Volleyball Camp. Become your personal best. Monterey Beach Volleyball Camp. Become your personal best.

Over 10,000 players and coaches from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska down to the US Virgin Islands have been a great part of sharing amazing volleyball experiences with us through VBcamps Peak Volleyball Camps, Team Retreat Camps, and Satellite Camp experiences since 1990. We have been privileged to share amazing volleyball experiences with such a wonderful and diverse volleyball community.


Individual players, teams, and coaches welcome! Team Retreat Camp and Satellite Volleyball Camps available for teams. Camps are open to youth from 5th through 12th grade with varying experience from beginners through advanced. Players are grouped by experience or by teams for effective training and games.


Click on a volleyball camp to explore the details.  We are proud to present our current schedule.


Volleyball Camp Schedule


Fall Volleyball Clinics in Truckee, CA

Oct. 16, 18, 23, 25, 30; and Nov. 1, 6, and 8, 2017


Satellite Volleyball Camps

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Wood River Volleyball Camp

Hailey, Idaho (near Sun Valley)

June 18-20, 2018

Register early as this camp sold out in 2016 and 2017.


Monterey CA Beach Volleyball Camp

Monterey Bay Park Volleyball Courts

AKA Municipal Beach or El Estero Beach, Monterey, CA

June 23-25, 2017


Florida Team Retreat Volleyball Camp

Jacksonville, Florida

July 10-12, 2018

Teams only


Register early as this camp sold out in 2016, 2015 and 2014.


Donner Lake Beach Volleyball Camp

West End Beach, Truckee, California

July 16-18, 2018

 Lake front Beach (sand) and grass volleyball courts


Tahoe City Volleyball Camp

Tahoe City, California at North Lake Tahoe

July 20-22, 2018


Indoor and grass volleyball courts


Zephyr Cove Beach Volleyball Camp

Zephyr Cove, Nevada at South Lake Tahoe

July 26-28, 2017

Lake front beach (sand) volleyball courts


Boise Volleyball Camp

Eagle, Idaho

July 30-August 1, 2018

Indoor volleyball courts

Register early as this camp sold out in 2016 and 2017.


Why 3 Day Camps?

We want motivated student-athletes throughout all training sessions. More is not always better.


We use to run 4 day camps. Day 4 is Day Sore. It is a tough day that players struggled with. They were sore and tired. We found that 3 days camps maximized their energy while keeping players in a good place for training. Beyond 3 days, performance and motivation diminished.


We also found that after 2-and-a-half hours in a session, players started getting into survival mode and wanting sessions to end.


Try to do too much and the results are obvious. Learning is diminished. Focus is gone. Play gets sloppy. Bad habits are formed.


As a college coach, I evolved to running pre-season double days with this same formula. Once we scheduled 3 days on followed by a day off, we became much more productive during pre-season training.


I had the honor to mentor under Hall of Fame, Olympic Coach, and Olympian athlete Rudy Suwara while coaching at San Diego State back when he led them to be a perennial National Top 10 team. As a young coach, I asked Rudy if we could extend practice times and days to get more out of the players. He presented to me the concept that the best thing we can do is have our student-athletes desire more when practice was done, look forward to tomorrow, and be eager about learning and improving every moment they were with us.


Play hard. Play smart. Pursue dreams.


PEAK Volleyball Camps.  Reach your Peak.  Volleyball attributes.

Our mission. It is our guiding star that gives us philosophical direction in all that we do.




P     Positive atmosphere. We coach with positive coaching and positive reinforcement.


E     Enjoy what you do with passion. Our goal is to fuel our player's passion to participate and excel in volleyball.


A     Accomplish your personal best. Our coaches work hard to help players become their personal best and pursue their goals.


K     Knowledge to play smart and improve. We coach with a "carry forward" process, which allows players to learn the game and continue to improve after the last session of camp is finished. We also help players learn about how they can make their performance more efficient.


Reach your Peak with PEAK Volleyball Camps.


A peak performance is when you perform at the top of your game. Its about giving and being your personal best.


Read more about our Mission >>>


There are lots of reasons players, parents, and coaches choose our camp program. We create a culture at our camp that is fun, positive, motivating, individualized, detailed, expertly executed, and driven to help you reach your peak.  We have a proven curriculum and methods to adjust to your needs. We focus on making an impact that carries beyond our days at camp.



Highlights include:


  • Experienced staff with the ability to help players of all levels advance their game within a positive framework.
  • Positive and motivating atmosphere created by our experienced coaching staff.  Our staff adjusts to being more nurturing for beginners, to keeping it challenging, positive and moving forward for the more advanced players.
  • Skills, position training, situational scenarios, performance enhancements, and games that progress from establishing a solid foundation to building effective and efficient competitive play.
  • Improve during camp and after too.  Our "carry-forward" training enables our participants to know their keys with skills to continue to improve when they are on their own.
  • HDTV video demonstrations with software that allows us to visually cue the keys to successful execution.
  • Visual video feedback with court-side tablet technology.
  • Speed radar gun to improve power in serving and hitting.  We teach arm swing mechanics, then unleash them with the speed radar gun.  Nothing makes a person hit harder than clocking the speed.
  • Fun fast-paced music to get warmed up moving and energy in the gym right from the start.
  • We are team building experts.  Volleyball is the ultimate team sport.  We teach how  to be amazing teammates on and off the court.  It is built into everything we do.


Come with friends. Make new friends. We have a comfortable and welcoming environment that allows us to get to work, take risks, and open the door for improvement and peak performances.


Read what participants say about our camps >>>

Mike Welch, Director


Mike Welch has been a Volleyball Camp Director since 1990. His volleyball coaching experience includes 17 years as an NCAA Division I & II college head coach with 6 nationally ranked seasons. If you have a goal to play in college, Mike knows how to get there as he has awarded over $2 Million in college volleyball scholarships.  Additionally, he was a 3-time USA Youth National Team (A1) Head and Assistant Coach, working with players that have become Gold and Silver Medalist Olympians, 5 National Player of the Year honorees, and many All-American honorees.


Our Coaching Staff and Camp Directors


All of our coaches have extensive experience at coaching and/or playing at the college level.  We have a great group of staff that have led as college head coaches, college assistant coaches, and decorated college players.  They have reached their peak earning national rankings, NCAA Tournament appearances, Conference Championships, Coach-of-the-Year awards (including a National Coach of the Year finalist/Top 8), and coached All-Americans.


Most important about our coaches is we love to coach.  We are a cadre of staff that are passionate about volleyball and really enjoy working with youth players. We are positive and mindful coaches teaching life lessons with teachable moments. We want our players to focus on mastery and being confident in their journey to become their personal best. We grow through effort, learning, and adjusting from our mistakes. We have the knowledge, experience, creativity, positivity, and passion to help you reach your peak.


Read more about our coaching staff >>>

Peak Volleyball Camp Video

Camp Director Mike Welch proud member American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) since 1990.

Additionally, Camp Director Mike Welch is a Positive Coaching Alliance certified coach.